Monday, 13 May 2013

Israel's Reign in the Golden Age of Neuroscience: Introduction

Bioassociate has been working hard on interviewing Israel's most prominent neuroscientists and leaders of exciting young neurotech companies. Our latest report, titled "Israel's Reign in the Golden Age of Neuroscience" was written in conjunction with President Shimon Peres's Israel Brain Technologies initiative, which aims to make Israel a leading global neurotech hub. 

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The blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the paralyzed can walk—without a doubt, the Golden Age of Neuroscience is upon us. And if that weren’t enough, mind control, telepathy and in fact elaborate real-life Avatar scenarios are so nigh that scores of the neurotech-savvy have begun to pre-order their titanium thought defense helmets. So awesome have the leaps of neurotechnology been in recent years that the media has struggled to deliver this industry a deserved timely coverage, and public awareness has just barely caught up with humanity’s neuro-prowess of late. 

It is no surprise that we pondered so much of our vast universe before tapping into the microcosmic mystery of the mind: the human brain is riddled with millions of neuronal connections, all intertwined in a jungle so dense that the intricacy of galaxies and nebulas could pale in comparison. Having understood the basic principles which guide brain formation, scientists’ success in elucidating grey matter’s modus operandi has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, and one could safely say that our ability to harness this knowledge is at its most fruitful level yet. Neuroscientists have proudly treated depression, Parkinson’s disease, a range of psychological disorders, blindness, paralysis, and have even been able to communicate with long-comatose patients. Hardly any achievement of the last century could contest to be as jaw-dropping as giving a man thought to be in a decade-long vegetative state the ability to tell his parents he can hear them. 

Israel, a country which boasts the highest R&D per capita spend in the world, is one of only a handful of players actively pursuing a neurotech vision today. Most impressively, the countries or continents with which it shares this vision are at least ten times larger than it, both in size and budget. Thus, in celebration of the unraveling Neuro-Renaissance, and particularly as tribute to Israel’s increased involvement in the ever-expanding neuro-cosm, we present the current global neurotech situation, leading worldwide initiatives to raise awareness and to aid this ever-growing industry, followed by a summary of Israel’s very own academic and commercial neuro-arena. Place your titanium helmet orders!

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