Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Help Bioassociate raise funds to produce a public report on ALS!

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating progressive chronic neurological disease that attacks nerve cells responsible for controlling skeletal muscles. Due to the deterioration of the nerve cells, the muscles gradually weaken, waste away and twitch. Ultimately, the brain’s ability to control voluntary movement is lost.

The pathogenic processes underlying ALS are multifactorial and not fully determined. The lack of effective treatments to ALS on one hand, and the availability of several new potential therapies in clinical development on the other, often find ALS patients and their families confused and misinformed.

We at Bioassociate have come to the unfortunate conclusion that comprehensible, no-nonsense information on the disease, as well as on the latest developments concerning available treatments, is simply non-existent. We would like to see patients and carers better informed, but, most importantly, to see an increasing interest in ALS drug developments amongst investors. By raising investor awareness we can fuel scientific breakthroughs in the ALS field. 

Bioassociate will prepare an extensive report about ALS that will review the disease’s mechanism and causes, and will summarize and interpret recent scientific and medical developments in this field. The report will describe the new drugs and therapies that are currently being tested on human subjects, including stem cell-based treatments, and will inform the reader of the relevance of such treatments and their clinical development progress.

Click here to see the project, and to help us reach our goal!

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